[VIDEO] Patrick Kane Amazing Stick Control

Anyone who has strapped on a pair of skates has seen somebody at the rink who is quite impressive with the puck.

But Patrick Kane takes it to an entirely new level.

His stick control through seemingly a million pucks is quite absurd.

And then you notice that even his skates aren’t touching the obstacles.

Pretty. Darn. Impressive.

Watch the video:





2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] Patrick Kane Amazing Stick Control

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  • January 13, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Many people (especially baewnagondr types) will only watch the playoffs. ******** fans will get excited for the regular season as well. Myself I do watch and support my team through the regular season because exciting stuff happens during the season. Great plays, exciting games etc. But I think everyone, even if they get excited during the regular season, is wayy more excited for the playoffs.


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