Apple Watch Captures Fan Heart Race During Playoff Game

So chalk this up as very cool.  marcelo002 is a big New York Rangers fan.  During the Rangers-Capitals Game 6 he recorded his heart rate throughout the game on an Apple Watch.

The image tells the story.  Game 6 was especially tough on Rangers fans because Washington dominated the third period but couldn’t come away with the win.

He shares on reddit:

As I interpret it (and i havent researched it thoroughly enough), Apple measures and records normally every 10 minutes. Way too long to properly capture an event like a hockey game. That’s evident in those first 2 periods. In workout mode, it measures every few seconds, but only records the average heart rate every minute (it provides a min/max/avg of that minute in the export file, to be precise). That I think it accurate enough to be useful, but I only had the idea to set it in workout mode near the end of the game.

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