Apparently Kessel didn’t eat at a hot dog stand every day

We first shared the hack piece from Toronto Sun fiction writer Steve Simmons a few days ago.  He decided it would be fun to fire a low blow at Phil Kessel on his way out of Toronto.

Now our friends at Pension Plan Puppets have done a little more investigative work that further disproves Simmons’ open fat joke:

The hot dog vendor who parks daily at Front and John Sts. just lost his most reliable customer.

Almost every afternoon at 2:30 p.m., often wearing a toque, Phil Kessel would wander from his neighbourhood condominium to consume his daily snack.

Apparently, Kessel doesn’t even live in this vicinity.

More from PPP:

What’s the big deal here?

The big deal is that Steve Simmons put a hit piece out on Phil Kessel, but it’s unlikely that the first anecdote in his story is true. Phil Kessel doesn’t live or work near Front and John, and it’s unlikely that if he wanted a hot dog every day he’d walk half way across a major city to a specific vendor at the busiest time of day to get one there.

The Last Part of This Post

Many media markets, Boston especially, like to skewer players on the way out of town. It looks like Steve Simmons wanted to get in on this but he Three Stooged it good and hard from literally the first sentence in his sad attempt at insulting a professional athlete.

Phil Kessel beat Tyler Seguin at the All Star Game in a speed skating competition. Phil Kessel scores tons of goals. Phil Kessel was one of the fittest Leafs when they did pre season testing last year. Calling him out of shape from a padded chair at a desk job seems a little funny to me.

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