2015-2016 NHL salary cap set at $71.4M

Well, the guidance has finally been published.  Next year’s salary cap is set at $71.4M.

For teams that are already struggling with their offseason roster moves, this comes in at about the median of estimates.

Teams are allowed to go 10% above the cap during the offseason but must be within the cap by the time the regular season starts.

CBS Sports shares more insight on this cap:

All along it had been estimated that the cap for next season would fall somewhere in the $71 million range, but there was still a concern among some teams that it would come under that mark. The $71.4 number certainly helps teams like Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles that are pressed against the cap and not only have to worry about filling out their roster, but also trying to re-sign their own restricted free agents.

The Stanley Cup champion Blackhawks are facing one of the toughest challenges, having only 14 players signed for next season and currently having just a little more than $7 million in cap space. One of their top priorities this summer will be finding a way to sign Brandon Saad to a long-term contract extension while also having to part with some key players from their most recent championship team (most likely Patrick Sharp).

Image courtesy of Braydon M.

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