Why We All Love Hockey

Speed.  Excitement.  Non-stop action.  Hits.  Youth.  National Pride.

These are many of the reasons explaining why we all love hockey.  As we start this website, what better topic than to share our own experiences along with others.  Like a flood of emotions that only hockey fans can appreciate.  Please read the stories below and share your own feelings!

The Noogie over at Hockey Wilderness shared his thoughts (click here to read the entire story):

At some point in your life, you fell in love with the sport. For most of us this occurred sometime in our youth while a for some of us, we did not discover our love for this sport till much later. Whether you have been a life-long fan, or you are just starting your journey, we all have that moment, or moments even where hockey grabbed us, held on tight, and refused to let go. Our world would never be the same.

For me, this came at a young age. I had always been a fan of hockey, always followed the North Stars about as well as a child can be expected to. I used to stand in front of my TV, stick in hand, making all the great saves with my heros on ice. Like most of us, I’ve had my ups and downs with the sport, but that moment when hockey pulled me in and refused to let go is a memory I will carry with me until my last breath.

Youth HockeyThis contrasts with my own passion for hockey.  I never cared about hockey until I watched a game live when I was 20.  But we were immediately hooked.  Watching a game with 5000 fans in a small ice box.  WOW!  Now our boys play club hockey.  And I am grateful that we could introduce them to an amazing sport at an early age.  It is their favorite sport by far.

Cassie McClellan over at Raw Charge shared this:

I grew up watching football. Football is my first love, but hockey is my true love. And the atmosphere during a hockey game is comparable to the atmosphere of a college football game – only without the annoying cheerleaders – but in an entirely different way. It’s hard to describe, but if you’ve been to both, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now this definitely matches my experience.  I grew up a college football fan (Go Huskers!).  It was definitely my first love.  Cried when Nebraska would lose to Oklahoma seemingly every year.  But my passion for hockey is now much stronger.  I love the flow of the game.  I love the athleticism and skill that is required.  And I honestly have a hard time watching other sports unless I can DVR through all of the slow periods.

Christy Hammond shared her love for hockey on Winging It In Motown:

I mentioned above that hockey was an escape for Yzerman and hockey acted as an act of escapism for me, which heightened my love for the sport. Because when I’m watching hockey, I’m free. I picture myself out there. I get all excited when the players start fighting and I celebrate after every goal. I can’t escape my life of chronic pain, but I can escape the pain for those couple hours. It’s that time that makes me feel like I’m free again. That pain doesn’t confine my life. That I can do anything. I get caught up in the beauty of the movement. Of the connection between teammates. Of the joy following a goal. Of the passion these players have for their sport. Of one player fighting for a teammate. Of the magic of a breakaway goal. Of scoring a shorthanded goal to win the game. Of watching these incredible athletes sacrifice their bodies for the sake of the team.

And sometimes, it hurts to be a fan. Sometimes it doesn’t help you escape life. During the playoffs, it becomes your life. A loss for your team? It hurts. When you see your team lose in the first round consistently, it stings. And yes, I get bitter towards the team that kicks us out of the postseason.

I definitely agree.  Short-handed goals are one of those rare experiences that really get me going.

Modano Scores Short Handed Goal Against Sharks


I hope you enjoyed this.  Why do you love hockey?

Photos courtesy of slgckcg, pointnshoot, and Battle Creek CVB.


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