Blackhawk Fan Vince Vaughn Picks up Tab for Tampa Coach

Even many non-Blackhawks fans know that Vince Vaughn is a huge fan of the local NHL franchise.

Turns out he is also friends with Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper.

As Vince Vaughn walked by Cooper’s table at Chicago Cut Steakhouse they struck up a conversation.

As he walked away, Jon Cooper offered to pay for Vaughn’s meal.  (Cooper was apparently trying to pay it forward after he and the coaching staff were treated to a Cut meal by Charles Barkley a few days earlier.

Vaughn would have none of it and ultimately paid for Cooper and company to eat.

More from the Chicago Tribune:

Vaughn passed the party of 20 to get to his table on the patio at Chicago Cut and spotted his old friend Cooper, according to Chicago Cut managing partner David Flom. The two men hugged and spoke for about 10 minutes before the “Swingers” and “Old School” star sat down for dinner with his party of 12, which included former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

“Cooper called me over to his table and said, ‘Hey, I want to pick up Vince Vaughn’s check,’” Flom said. “He was doing it to be kind because of the Barkley thing. I tell the server and then walk by Vince’s table. Sure enough, Vince looks at me and says, ‘I know that guy just called you over to pick up my check. That’s not how we roll in Chicago.’ He goes, ‘This is Chicago, my town. This is how we treat people. I got his check.’ How can you argue with Vince Vaughn? I said, ‘OK, no problem.’ I go walk away and he stands up and says, ‘I got his check. This is Chicago.’

Image courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

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