2015 Stanley Cup Champions Tattoos for Both Finals Teams

Do you file this one under hardcore fan or raving lunatic?

Two friends and coworkers in Tampa, one who is a diehard Chicago Blackhawks fan and the other is a Lightning, decided to turn their Finals predictions into ink.

They both happen to be tattoo artists who work at Atomic Tattoos.

Each has a “2015 Stanley Cup Champions” tattoo, one with the Lightning symbol and other with Chicago.

One will proudly wear the correct tattoo.  And the other won’t remove it.

The Tampa Tribune reports:

Jonny Baker and Cody Neal are co-workers, buddies and hockey fans whose loyalties lie more than skin deep. They also happen to be tattoo artists in Tampa who made their predictions for the Stanley Cup Final in a very permanent way.

Baker, a 32-year-old Chicago transplant, likes the Lightning but is sticking with his Blackhawks. Neal, 26, thinks the Bolts will win. The friendly rivalry took a big step before Game 1 on Wednesday with a bet on which team would win.

“It intensifies the whole series. Fortunately this is something that both do. This is a story that we’ll have, be it five, 10, 15 years down the road. … Neither of us are going to remove them, that’s the whole point.”

Image courtesy of Jonny Baker via Instagram.

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